Frequently Asked Questions:
(here's a selection of the things I have been asked... feel free to send in questions of your own)

Are you single?

"Yep... from time to time" ;)

How long have you been modelling?

"Just a few months so I'm still learning the job."

What do you like about doing this?

"It's the most fun I've ever had, I just giggle all the time and I get to do stuff I never thought I'd do!"

When did they start growing?

"They began growing ages ago!!!"

Do you have names for your boobs?

"Someone recently names them Ant & Dec and it's stuck!"

How long have you wanted to model?

"Like most girls I grew up thinking it might be a nice idea but because I never grew [tall] it  never crossed my mind that I might be able to do it."

Do you like modeling?

"I wan't sure if I would but the kind of stuff I'm doing is so much fun that I love it and can't wait to do my shoots!"

Are you a show off or exhibitionist?

"I wouldn't have said that before but since starting doing this I think I might be now" ;)

 Are you a real person really running your own site?

"Yep... I get help from the webmaster and obviously I need someone to do the pics and videos (can't do that myself!) but it's really little old me writing this and tweeting and replying to fan messages and making the coffee and doing all the running around! lol"